Figure 1: Polar bear’s tongue stuck in a food can

Human’s obsession with building factories caused infinite amount of freon and carbon emissions. Humans successfully poked a hole into the ozone layer that has protects the planet from ultraviolet radiation since the dawn of time. Global warming and climate change seems like an immediate consequence right after the industrial revolution. However, the situation we put ourselves in today was never the denouement of a few days of work. It is, in fact, human’s blinding and even greedy preference towards efficiency and profit that turns the story of earth into a tragedy. Climate change is not just one of the headlines on the media platforms that people happen to notice, it is “the mission impossible” of our civilization that seems barely stoppable by now.

I believe the person reading this has also seen polar bears with only skins and bones desperately looking for food in human’s trash cans. Cases like this happen and will increase in the future because of climate change. With global warming causing floating ice to melt, polar bears are unable to find opportunities to hunt the species of their main diet—seals. This is because seals often rest on floating ice making hunting mush easier for polar bears. Starving, polar bears finally found a sense of hope from human’s trash can. Recently, one of their kind had its tongue caught in a can as it wished to lick the food inside (figure 1). This rare phenomenon cannot be ignored because climate change will only cause more innocent deaths.

Climate Change Impacts on the Environment

The worsening of global warming’s situation brings impacts affects a much large magnitude. Widespread coral bleaching, the millions of deaths among birds, etc, are all just part of the picture. Speaking of coral reefs, news outlets in Taiwan is reporting the worsening situation of widespread coral bleaching. We are now at a second stage red flag. With global temperature rising every second, coral bleaching results in temperature of the ocean also rising. With only six months passed by, Taiwan went from the first stage red flag to the next level of danger. NOAA also pointed out that this is not a problem that can be solved by a few immediately. Reviving coral will require the massive decrease in carbon emission and long term efforts.

Climate Change Impacts on Humans

Climate change also affects us. In recent years, extreme weather hits different part of the world. Hurricanes (figure 2), extreme cold current, and drought (figure 3) stole people’s property. Without annual rain and mild temperature, crops decrease significantly which leads to extensive hunger in numerous countries. What is worse is that some countries are in risk of drowning which would cause homelessness and countless broken families. Obviously, we are facing is a matter of life and death among all ecosystems on this planet. We all feel our heart skip a beat when we see news about extreme weather. Others feel a pain in their chests when animals died because of climate change. Humans truly feel threatened by this huge issue, but most of us are willing to help. Nevertheless, people don’t know where to start and what they can do to solve the problem in front of us. Our team realizes this problem and that’s why we want to create this website. With this website, we are going to investigate the biggest problem of the 21st century, including the root cause of climate change and contributing factors to the worsening situation, analysis of its impact on Taiwan and the rest of the world, and examination of the past efforts, etc.

Figure 2: Hurricane’s on Belgium’s streets
Figure 3: Drought in South Africa due to climate change
Figure 4: Wildfire in California due to warmer, drier conditions