Environment-Friendly Stores in Taiwan

3 Hours Life Lab

Address: No. 106, Jinzhou Street, Zhongshan District, Taipei City 104
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Store Appearance
Self-made Containers
Side-View of the Store

“3 Hours Life Lab” is a small shop hidden in the alley beside the bridge in the Zhongshan business district of Taipei. Combined with the “naked” shopping appeal of reducing environmental costs, it is intended to make better use of the earth’s resources, provide a new type of lifestyle for the public, and take this as an opportunity to change for a better “plastic reduction” life. Better consumption habits tend to have more beneficial impacts on our daily lives. In the early days, they jointly promoted a friendly environment and supported non-GMO natural cleaning products such as “Square Home”, Taiwanese brand “Good Days”, the brand “Pockeat” food bags specially designed for dining out, and traditional sun tanning products used in “Zhounan Salt Farm”. Innovative packaging products such as the non-toxic rice from Yilan also began to be released one by one.


Address: No. 248, Section 1, Dihua Street, Datong District, Taipei City 103

InBlooom Store
The Three Founders of InBlooom
InBlooom Products

InBlooom was founded in 2008 by three founders who graduated from the Fine Arts Department of the university, and launched the first “Taiwan Starling” printing pattern, which focuses on the development of original printing fabric products in Taiwan, and is committed to spreading the concept of common interests and environmental protection. Today, it has grown into a brand new creative team of more than 30 people and is one of the most representative design brands in Taiwan. Most of these designs are based on a friendly environment. InBlooom hopes that the fabric can replace disposable plastic products, can be washed repeatedly, and each fabric product can be used by customers without any doubts. In recent years, it has also started to use sustainable or organic materials (ex: organic cotton, cotton yarn). There are stories behind the printed patterns on the fabrics, and many stories have the meaning of caring for the environment, and the store hopes that these patterns can touch the heart of every user and inspire environmental protection thinking.

Unpackaged.U Store

Address: No. 16, Guiyang Street, Sanchong District, New Taipei City, 241

Unpackaged.U Store
Daily Food Supplies and Needs
Founder of Unpackaged.U

The concept of the Unpackaged.U store emphasizes that in the past when people bought ingredients and daily necessities, they always faced the problem of expired, unused, or piled up bottles and cans that they were reluctant to throw away at home. It also reminded people to think about whether to give the items a whole new life. In the era of excessive packaging and waste of resources, we adhere to the concept of no waste and doing our best for Earth; we also hope that we can gradually influence others, and the home we live in will definitely become better and better. We all know that food is to be eaten and supplies are to be used until they are used up. Over time, the concept of cherishing what we have will be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and practiced in our lives.

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Address: No. 191, Section 6, Zhongxiao East Road, Nangang District, Taipei City 115

Sustainable Food Supplies in Store
Decorations Outside the Store
Products Inside

This is an eco-friendly naked shop, one of the few eco-friendly shops in downtown Taipei. It’s very convenient for eco-friendly people who live nearby and want to buy a small amount of naked food. A regular supply of fresh organic vegetables in partnership with organic smallholders every Friday, but only three days a week in order to maintain freshness. The selling of hydroponic vegetables is a new direction to try these days. Ready-to-eat fresh salad greens that can be grown in water to keep them fresh and add some greenery to the home. There are also hot sauces. The raw materials of each flavor are natural, unburdened, and local Taiwan fruits are added so that each hot sauce tastes not only spicy but also has a unique fruit flavor. The oil-free formula will not give people too much of a burden in terms of the change in physical health.